His first steps as an artist were when he used to draw on the sand next to the beach in Juchitán, Oaxaca.

In the ’70s, he spent his childhood in his Zapotec town. He  filled his eyes with popular art and the wealth of the Zapotec language that transported him towards metaphorical ways of how he creates art, with eloquence, with joy, and with desires.

Education and career:

He studied plastic arts in Oaxaca, Guanajuato, Mexico City, and La Havana, Cuba. It was a resident artist at the Experimental Printmaking Institute in Lafayette College, Easton, PA. USA Specialized in drawing, painting, and engraving.

His works have been exhibited in Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, Miami, Los Angeles, Brownsville, USA and in Argentina, Uruguay, Indonesia, France, Spain, London, Italy and California.


Most important exhibitions:


- "Andanzas" Artjaz Gallery. Philadelphia USA 2010

- “Monte Albán, Art and Culture” Site Museum of the Monte Albán Archaeological Zone,Oaxaca.

- “Visione Oniriche” in Il Bisonte workshop, Firenze, Italy. September 2017

- Brotherhood / Unity ”in Raúl Anguiano Gallery, Santa Ana California, E. U. 21 de March 2018

- Individual exhibition The last guardians of paradise. MEXCAT Casa México, Barcelona, ​​Spain. December 13, 2018.

- Collective exhibition Earth unknown 60 years of the invention of America. Lobby from the multi-purpose forum Antonieta Rivas Mercado, Mexico Library. April 11, 2019.

- Collective exhibition Contemporary graphic art in Oaxaca. IAGO XXX anniversary. The National Museum of the stamp. April 13, 2019.

- Collective exhibition ¨Cuéntame un cuadro¨. Raúl Anguiano Gallery, Consulate of Mexico in Santa Ana, California. May 2019


Artist's quote

“I paint my interpretations with joy, I have learned to take my brushes and apply the color

more effusively, my strokes are the result of constant learning in the craft of art,

drawing is my priority and as such the lines impress me why it is the resource for what

gesture, the spontaneous and what my heart dictates to me when I am in front of the canvas ”.