The stylistic journey of Saúl Castro has been marked by the influence of oriental art, where He has found the spiritual balance to achieve his artistic creation.

He understands figurative elements of art while combining them with an abstract style and tendencies towards minimalism.

This combination creates a harmonious and peaceful environment, evoking a feeling of peace. 

He considers himself as an emotional painter and says that his daily life is so linked to his art, that you cannot know if the events of  his life affect his painting or if his painting is affecting his personal life.


Education and career:

His artistic career is divided in two parts, the first one during his studies at the school of Fine Arts of the Benito Juarez University of Oaxaca and the second one was when he attended the workshop of Plastic Arts "Rufino Tamayo". In 1993 he collaborated with Master Shinzaburo Takeda in the creation of a mural in Japan. In 1999 he founded the art center SACHMO, committed to giving specialized workshops for artists and courses for the general public.

He has a career as an illustrator, painter, sculptor, engraver and had exhibited his work in different galleries  in the Mexican Republic, like the Art Gallery of Oaxaca, Museum of Mexican History (Monterrey), Institute of Graphic Arts of Oaxaca, Casa LAMM ( Mexico City ) and overseas in countries such as Japan, Spain, Argentina, the United States, and Italy.

Among his many distinctions and awards are the Honorable Mention obtained at the III Ibero-American Biennial, Carrillo Gil Museum of Art, National Institute of Fine Arts, Mexico City, 1982; the Artistic Creator Scholarship of the National System of Art Creators during the period 1994-1997 and the Official Cross of the Order of Isabel la Católica, granted by the Embassy of Spain, Mexico City, 2006.


Most important exhibitions:


2012 Collective painting for Murals Black Coffee, Chicago U.S.A.

2004 Eight impressions Oaxaca in Spain from Victoria, Madrid, Spain.

2016 Monte Albán, Art and Culture, Site Museum of the archaeological zone of Monte Albán, Oaxaca.

2017 "Visione Oniriche" at Fondazione Il Bisonte per lo Studio dell'arte, Firenze, Italy.


Artist's quote

 "True art is the art of living as self art, making your life a work of art."