The earth and oil are the resources most used by the artist to reflect the tradition and the everyday life of his people, this is how he creates large and medium artworks.

The contemporary artist of Oaxaca uses textures and tones in his works that cover different techniques, such as sculpture, oil, graphics, watercolor, ceramics, collage, among others.


Education and career:

At age 16 he entered the workshop of Plastic Arts of the House of Culture in Tehuantepec, and later to the Benito Juárez Autonomous University of Oaxaca.


He also got his degree in Architecture, and from 1990 to 1993 he studied restoration. In 2001 he opened the engraving workshop 910 in the City of Oaxaca.


Most important exhibitions 


As an individual exhibitor, he has made more than 50 exhibitions around the world. His work has been exhibited in places like Matignon Gallery 32, Paris, France, the Institute Cervantes, Milan, Italy, Louis Aronow Gallery, San Francisco California Museum the Americas of San Juan de Puerto Rico, the Borges Cultural Center, of Buenos Aires, Argentina, the University of Plastic Arts of Nagoya, Japan, the Chinese Cultural Center of Vancouver, Canada, the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art in Eugene, Oregon, and La Fayette College, of Easton, Pennsylvania, where he was a resident artist. He has also participated in more than 60 group exhibitions countries like Japan, Argentina, USA, France, Italy, Spain, Cuba and within the national territory.


Currently, the work of the artist Rolando Rojas is permanently exhibited in the gallery "Serrano", in Houston, Texas. From his work, four books have been published "The Enigma and the Mirrors"; “20 years of experience”, “The mythical and the everyday” and the most recent “Ink Mirrors and Time ”, where all the graphic work he has done during his career is compiled.



Artist’s quote

̈ ̈All the characters, animals and figures that live in my painting are the memories that have been transformed of those creatures from the grandmother's stories. The cosmos, the sun, and the moon have become part of a personal world where they live as part of a story. "