Pantaleón Ruiz paints what he saw in his childhood like the ancestral Zapotec culture, the traditions of his people, wildlife, landscapes or legends, but he also paints what he saw in different societies. His paintings and sculptures, consequently, speak about a personal history built in two different societies, in two areas that he grew up to.

Pantaleón paints between abstractionism and figurativism without any torment, without a structure or subject to talk about.



Education and career:


He ventured into artisan work at the age of 7, when he began knitting carpets with his father, a Mexican tradition that has passed from generation to generation, where they stand out for their unique handmade designs.

Pantaleón Ruiz emigrated to the United States and it was during that time that he discovered his true vocation: art.


When he returned to Oaxaca, he had already faced the demands of this

trade and had among his skills knowledge of various painting and sculpture techniques in ceramics.

These skills combined with what he learned during his years at Teotitlán de Valle, he makes each of the natural pigments to color his creations, ¨when painting use more your hands than the brush.¨


Most important exhibitions:

This artist has a career that includes individual exhibitions in Mexico,

Germany and the United States He has also participated in collective exhibitions in Switzerland and in cultural events in Austria, Spain, and England, as well as venturing into literature and graphic design.


Artist’s quote


"With my hands covering my face, in a blink of an eye I remember, and I see with concern that I am the result of a journey through time and space. I am telling my experiences with my colors and textures loaded with my life.”