Olegario makes use of different surfaces to express his feeling towards the nature that he saw grow, among land animals, water and air gives homage to the nature of the planet and the Oaxaca coast, as a protest to stop the extinction of the species.

With a fervent desire to help others, he teaches engraving and jewelry workshops and he is considered after a long career as Mr. Jícara Grande.



Education and career:

He studied at the School of Plastic Arts at the University of Guadalajara, Jalisco. He masters techniques that include engraving in jícara, lithography, oil, and jewelry.


Most important exhibitions


1994 - Exhibition of jícaras recorded in the house of the indigenous culture in Guadalajara Jalisco.

2001 - taught jewelry course in San Luis Potosí on the hill of San Pedro.

Creation of the engraving workshop in jícara "tu yachi" in Pinotepa de Don Luis


2004 - Exhibition at the museum of contemporary art in Chicago, United States.

2005 - Collective exhibition in Putnam County of New York United States.

2011- Collective exhibition with lithography in the museum of the stamp in Mexico City.

2011- Participation in the National Commission for the development of peoples and indigenous communities of the coast and Sierra Sur of Oaxaca.

2011- Exhibition of jícara styling and lithography at the Center for Graphic Art (IAGO).

2012 - Won third place in the third national biennial of graphic arts Shinzaburo Takeda.

2015- Exhibition at the Day of the Dead festival at the University of San Antonio Texas.

2018- taught jícara engraving course in Teotitlan del Valle, Oaxaca.        


Artist’s quote

"I tell myself that I am an art worker, I don't like to say that I am an artist."