During his career, he has ventured into the domain of engraving, oil, and sculpture in bronze and ceramic. His work reflects scenes that evoke the cultural tradition of the region where he lived in his childhood, in other artworks, he freely expresses his interpretation of the stories and stories you've heard from all around the world.


Education and career.


Maximino Javier studied at the School of Fine Arts in Oaxaca and was a member founder of the Rufino Tamayo workshop in the city.

His work has captivated  people in the United States in institutions such as the Latin American French Institute Gallery and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. His work was part of the collections of the Continental Bank in Chicago, Phillip Morris Corp, of New York, Museum of Mexican Art of Chicago, Museum of Art of the University of Iowa, the National Bank of Mexico in Mexico City, Byer Museum of Art in Chicago, the Museum of Art Contemporary of Montevideo and the Ben Nordemann collection in New York.

One of his most recent exhibition is: "Del jubilo a la pasión" which was  presented at the Museum of Oaxacan painters in 2017 with a compilation of work that refers to 40 years of the artist's career.


 Artist's quote:

About his work the author comments “My experiences are here, let's say my dreams have come true".