His training began at an early age as an assistant to various art teachers, his

painting is influenced by everyday life, what you see around you, your experiences. He's proud of his place of origin, he reflects it in each painting the colors of the traditions.

He has many local, national and international exhibitions, his work travels on different surfaces such as oil on the fabric, colors on paper, on an engraving plate, shapes ceramics, resin or bronze.




Education and career:


Graduated from the CEDART school "Miguel Cabrera" in June 2010 with a Bachelor in Arts and Humanities.

2012 - 2016 Degree in plastic arts from the Bauhaus University of the city of Puebla

2006 - Sculptor's assistant Of Marco Palma.

2006 - 2012 Student of the painter Barry Head

2007 - Printer assistant at Fernando Sandoval's workshop

2011 - 2012 - Student and assistant of the teacher María José Lavín maroto - Mexico D.F.


Most important Exhibitions:

Among his most outstanding exhibitions are:

2013 ¨ Red bourgeois ¨ presented in the gallery ¨The hangar gallery¨ in the city of Miami, Florida, United States

2014 ¨The nao of China¨ organized and managed by the consulate of Mexico in Guangzhou, presented at the art museum in Guangzhou, China.

2016 ¨The sea of ​​lovers ¨ presented at CASAMEXIC, Barcelona, ​​with the support of Mexican consulate in Barcelona and the Secretary of Cultures and Arts of Oaxaca.

2017 "Mexican Toys" presented at the Santa Isabel Cultural Center, Zaragoza Spain, with the support of the Mexican consulate in Barcelona.

2019 “Cuéntame un cuadro”, Raúl Anguiano Gallery of the Consulate of Mexico in Santa Ana, California, by AlexPintart. May 2019


Various institutions exhibit his collections, such as the State Philately Museum of Oaxaca, Consulate of Mexico in Barcelona, ​​Oaxaca House of Culture Collection or Monte de piedad of Oaxaca.

Artist's quote:

"My work has always evolved, my way of seeing the world changes, the experiences I accumulate always help new characters to appear and others remain as memories on several canvases."