Born in Oaxaca, he attended an engraving workshop instructed by Arturo García Bustos. At the age of 17, he moved to the capital to study at the School of Design and Crafts of the National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature. 

At the beginning of the sixties he lived in Paris, France (from 1960 to 1965), and there he developed his engraving technique. His art reflected a great appreciation for the aesthetics of nature, particularly that of animals that are not commonly associated with beauty. 


After he moved to Paris, his talent and name started to resonate and have more relevance, that his art was exhibited in other countries like England, Switzerland, and Germany,


Besides being a plastic artist, he was a leftist activist, social fighter, environmentalist, promoter of the Mexican culture, and philanthropist.



Most important exhibitions:


His works have been exhibited the world in Oaxaca, Mexico, Tokyo, New York, Buenos Aires, Texas, Paris, London, France, Spain, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, and an endless list.


Master Toledo is recognized not only for his artistic legacy but also for his cultural contributions in the state of Oaxaca, its philanthropy and its political activism.


Artist's quote: 

¨I’m not good at giving advice to other people, I think we all eventually discover what we have to do, how to do it and how to live in this world and each one of us choose their path, I couldn’t tell people what path to follow or to walk my steps¨