• Do I have to pay for the artistic advice service?

No way! It is part of our mission to present new works of art to collectors and make their buying process easier.


  •  How can I buy my art work at Pintart?

To buy a art work, you must click on the "Buy now" button found on all works of art pages.

When you click on it , you will be redirected to your cart. Once you have clicked on "Proceed", we will ask you to choose your payment method (credit card, Paypal, or call us for bank transfers). Once the payment has been processed, you will receive the payment confirmation.


  • Do you offer recommendations and advice service?

Our job at Pintart is to show collectors the art works of our artists.

Therefore, we offer you a personalized service and  recommendations. And if you still have problems choosing your artwork, do not hesitate to write to us, we will gladly help you choose your next work of art.


  • What is an artwork's edition?

By edition we refer to the number of reproductions of the same work. This edition implies that the artist has defined a specific number of copies before the first sale and this number does not change over time.


  •  Are the works available for reprint?

Unfortunately all the works presented in Pintart are original works, they are not published in different media or beyond the number of editions defined by the artist. This makes the artworks truly unique and special, since only an estimated number of works are created.


  •  How can I exhibit my work in Pintart?

If you are interested in being part of the Pintart artist collection, send us an email to contact one of our experts on how to be part of our community.