His academic life is framed by his learning at the School of Fine Arts from the Benito Juárez University of Oaxaca and a degree in Industrial Design.

His trajectory has been guided by great artists like Juan Alberu, with whom He learned the art of ceramics, and the teacher Francisco Monterrosa.


Career and education: 

His individual exhibitions have led him to visit big cities like the City

from Mexico, California, USA, and Bogotá Colombia; Along with other artists

He has exhibited his work in the City of Oaxaca, and many iconic cities of the

Mexican art. His travels have strengthened his technique and have opened his

mind to show us new situations, characters, places, and colors that we see

through his artworks, looking for innovation and authenticity in each one.


  • He studied at the School of Fine Arts, UABJO 1989-1993
  • He has a degree in industrial design
  •  Ceramic workshop with the professor Juan Alberu in 1993
  •   Counseling with the professor Francisco Monterrosa in 1994
  •  Counseling with the professor  Liborio Navarrete 1994


Most important exhibitions:


1997: Barbara Darcy Gallery San Francisco California

1999: Exhibition CEZANNE WINTER Gallery Basel, Switzerland

2000: ARTVE Caracas, Venezuela ROM Gallery Bogota, Colombia KIN Mexico Gallery D.F Lourdes Chumacero Gallery Mexico D.F

2001: REYNA HENAINE Gallery New York, U.S.A

2017: "Visione Oniriche" at Fondazione Il Bison per lo Studio dell'arte, Firenze, Italy. September 28, 2017

2018: Libertad, Hispanic Heritage Art Exhibit. Non Finito Gallery, New York.


Artist’s quote:


¨I am a passionate and self-taught painter, once my artwork has begun, it cannot be stopped ”