His most iconic artworks are the facades of doors, windows or balconies. He adds little posters and papers to consummate his masterpieces, the details of a crack in a the wall that is part of his hyperrealist pieces “protect everything that happens in front of them” as if they were“ mute mouths as if they were characters that only see and shut up ”.

Cruz Alejandro keeps us on the verge of admiration thanks to his paintings in which shows what we are sometimes unable to notice, the details of some landscape that go unnoticed or the daily scenes that we live day by day. Cruz Alejandro is the artist who stops time in his paintings.



Education and career:


His artistic career began in the private workshop of Maestro Liborio Navarrete and at The Cultural Center of the ISSSTE with Professor Román Andrade Llaguno.



Most important exhibitions:


Among its collective exhibitions, the following stand out:


  • The national sample of handicrafts in Mexico D.F. 1995.
  • Collective auction of Oaxaca plastic in the Chamber of Deputies D.F. 1997
  • Graphic of the graphic arts workshop in Havana Cuba. 2004
  • Horizons FABBRO Gallery Val ‘Quirico Tlaxcala April 2017


On an individual basis he has exhibited in various international events:

  • Mexican artistic and cultural center in the Oaxaca exhibition in Los Angeles C.A. USES. 2002
  • Bounnaventour Altar de Muertos Convention Center and Center dedicated to Diego Rivera and Frida Khalo, Montreal Canada. 2001
  • Exhibition at La Doña restaurant 82, rue Jean Pierre Timbaud 75011 Paris France 2017
  • Mural of the project “Un Cachito de Oaxaca in Paris” La Doña restaurant 82, rue Jean Pierre Timbaud 75011 Paris France 2017.