The office is often the first contact that many potential clients or former clients have with your business, which is why the image of your company is one of the most important aspects, not only to attract new customers, but also to strengthen ties with the customers you have already interacted to. 

 At Pintart we offer you our dedication  and experience on Oaxacan art to offer you the possibility of making a unique and exclusive gift for your clients and employees.

 Our artists work with companies of all types of sizes and industries. We listen to your needs and advise you to help you discover exactly what you need.

Pintart's gift service carries out personalized works according to the occasion, also ideal for conventions, congresses, associations, etc. These art works are made  in High-volume manufacturing, are personally carved and the delivery time is three months minimum.


Bring your office to life or strengthen your relationships with your customers through Oaxacan works of art.