He defines himself as a self-taught artist, his pieces always seem to be partying because the combination between sand and oil triggers spaces of light and color within his canvases, by abstract moments and figurative times, with cheerful motives. He is a creative personality creator among his authentic strokes, interesting passion, and attractive artworks.


Most important exhibitions:


MARQRO de Querétaro Museum.

Museum of Anthropology, Mex. D.F.

Museum of Modern Art, Mex. D.F.

José Luis Cuevas Museum, Mex. D.F.

Soumaya Museum, Mex. D.F.

Ball Museum, Mex. D.F.

New York, U.S.A.

21 Space Art Museum Dongguan, China.

Zhuhai-Guangdong Museum, China.

Center of Art and Culture of UNAH, Honduras.

National Exhibition Hall Salarrué, El Salvador.

National Lottery, Mex. D.F.

San Antonio, Tx., E.U.A.

Stockholm, Sweden

Brussels, Belgium.


Morges, Switzerland

London England.

Florence, Italy.


The Savior.



Guangzhou, China

Paris France.


His most recent exhibitions were at the Partage Gallery in Brussels, Belgium, and in the Zari Gallery in London, England.