He is an artist who evolves with his experiences, which creates artworks according to the moments that have marked him, he combines the freedom of his strokes with the design techniques and his knowledge in plastics art.

The pieces arise between legends and stories he has heard about the

indigenous world, the origin of things, the circumstances, the emotions, the figures, the colors and textures that build and conceptualize the artwork and ends up becoming a relief for the author.



Career and education.

 He studied graphic design as a career and on his first year of college he leaned on painting as his primary expression.

Later he participated in various workshops of drawing, textile design, and photography, among others.


Most important exhibitions:

His work has been exhibited in Mexico in the Gallery House Lamm, International Baroque Museum, Santo Domingo Cultural Center,

Alfredo Ginocchio Gallery, Drexel Gallery, Casa del Risco Museum, Complex Cultural University of the BUAP, Museum of Oaxaca Painters, Museum de Arte de Querétaro, Museum of Art of the Archbishopric, in the Senate of the Republic, among others.


Among the venues outside the country that have hosted his work are: Ciudad del Vaticano, UN Headquarters in New York, Embassy of Mexico in Spain, Universities of Exeter, Birmingham, Manchester, The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and The Future Gallery, Pierhead in Wales, from the United Kingdom, HE. Athenaeum of Seville, Bismarck Studios in San Antonio, Texas, Texas International Museum of Art and Science, FORMA Museum in San Salvador, and the PICI Gallery and the Hangaram Museum of Art in Seoul.


Artist's quote

“When I paint, I do it followed by my memories, my experiences, my trips, my moments. All of them are tools to express my feelings, memories, and realities ”.