Alejandro's artwork ̈trees painted with cochineal grana ̈ Speaks about his life and his vivid family roots. The strength and emotion that saturates each work is linked to his dreams and how they

seek and cultivate alchemical transmutations between grana and various substances to pouring accomplices of color and light


Career and education:


Graphic Designer, Plastic Artist, and Professor.

Founder of the collective "El Rincón de Sabina" with a career of 28 years as a printer in the Serigraphy area.

With more than 20 individual and collective exhibitions to his credit in Oaxaca, City of Mexico and the United States, has taught cochineal grana workshops in Mexico, Costa Rica, Argentina and Italy


Most important exhibitions:

- "ArtWalk", Ventura California, USA. October 2016

- “Visione Oniriche” in Il Bisonte workshop, Firenze, Italy. September 2017

- Brotherhood / Unity ”in Raúl Anguiano Gallery, Santa Ana California, E.U. March 21 of 2018.

- The grana forest in the Art Gallery of Oaxaca. September 2018