The idea that the work has not just been written and that it has a spiral ahead in its creative nature, responds eloquently to the path of this painter. Her exploration, self-taught and her technical repertoire includes oil, acrylic, collage, ceramics, and graphics. Alejandra Acknowledges as art influences the Austrian symbolist, Gustav Klimt; the Swiss Paul Klee; and the Spaniards, Miquel Barceló and Manolo Valdés and, for portraits, the British Lucian Freud.


She feels very attracted to live knowing the world and as a result of her travels, she became an observer of colors, culture, food, smells, which have been an important source of inspiration, in whose language she has been expressed fluently. Due to this her work has acquired a more universal touch.



Most important exhibitions:


Group exhibitions

2019: “Codex Earth, collective exhibition of ceramics” of the Arte Guenda collective. Museum of

The painters of Oaxaca. July 6, 2019.

2009: “The Macay host of the National plastic”, Government of the State of Yucatan, Mexico

2006: “Transfiguraciones del Silencio”, Instituto Cultural México, Embassy of Mexico in Costa Rica, San José, Costa Rica.

2005: “MexicArte”, Mexican Museum of Art, Austin, Texas, United States.

Individual expositions

2019: “Numen, the magical power of things” pictorial exhibition in Estudio / Galería Rosendo Pinacho July 2019

2014: Random count. Collages Oaxaca Art Gallery.

2012: “Circense”, Art of Oaxaca, Oaxaca, Mexico.

2008: "Images to conjure the spell of the world", Gal. Noel Cayetano, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico


Artist's quote

I am just 20 years old, this year of experience and have been according to everyday life,I am living and experimenting, I really like trying new techniques, trying different materials. I am a person full of hopes, for me painting means that, I think that there is always a better tomorrow, and I believe a lot in that. I really have fun in my work, painting, with collage, staining, dripping, with the different techniques